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Digital Design DD512D-D4 12" 400rms DVC Subwoofer

Digital Design DD512D-D4 12" 400rms DVC Subwoofer

The 500 series is one of the best performing subs you can find in its power class. With a highly efficient design, the 500 series can easily be driven to high output levels on as little as 150-400 Watts. When compared to the 200 Series the 500 Series uses a longer coil, more powerful motor and the suspension is designed to handle higher transient peaks. These are very versatile subs that work well in sealed enclosures while providing the extra energy and control needed for vented enclosures applications.

General Specifications

  • Brand: Digital Design
  • Model: DD512D-D4
  • Power Rating: 400 RMS
  • EROM surround
  • High-temp, 2.0”, voice coil
  • Double Layer Deep bass, high excursion spider system
  • Unique glass fiber and natural pulp cone
  • Back plate coil gap venting
  • Extended pole piece
  • DD stamped steel basket (508-512)
  • DD cast basket (506)
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