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STADIUM GTO750T JBL 3.4" GTO 150W PEAK 50RMS Tweeters

STADIUM GTO750T JBL 3.4" GTO 150W PEAK 50RMS Tweeters

Stadium highs

JBL's Stadium GTO750T tweeters help bring new dimension to your music, thanks to an edge-driven PEI polymer dome that enhances sound dispersion and delivers natural-sounding highs. Super-compact inline crossovers send the appropriate frequencies to these tweeters, making them just a little bit easier to install.

Awesome power-handling

These tweeters can handle up to 50 watts RMS, so you can add them to just about any system. Their 2.5-ohm impedance safely draws a little more power from your radio or amp, while their exceptional efficiency delivers strong volume and detail even with lower power.


No matter how complicated your car's interior, JBL's versatile mounting hardware gives you plenty of options for flush- or surface-mounting these tweeters. Whether you're replacing burned-out tweeters or adding tweeters to brighten up a dull-sounding system, these JBLs will add detail and dimension to your music.

What's in the box:

  • 2 Tweeters 
  • 2 Crossovers
  • 2 Flush-mount housings
  • 2 Threaded flush-mount adapters
  • 2 Plastic locking nuts
  • 2 Surface-mount housings
  • 2 Starfish mounts
  • Two M4x10mm Machine screws
  • Six 1/2" Flat head screws
  • 2 Washers
  • 2 JBL logos
  • Instruction manual
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